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THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY just takes some of us longer than others!



"Nicky, your life has been a blo**y disaster, but we love you anyway..." so pronounced my late Aunt-in-Law as she sat beside me at dinner.   Comedy is truth and pain. There is treasure in misadventure, a comedy writer's goldmine in my journey. For example, I've had a problem with my name 'Nicky' Slater, with my identity, stature and with 'real life' generally. Therapy and Self Help courses cost thousands. Alternative 'Nick Name' personas developed to enable my search for freedom and the courage to step.   My parents were Ice Dance Champions - so I was too, entertaining on TV, in arenas, ice rinks and theatres. Trouble is I never chose ice. There was more. Busking in Ipswich, England, in the rain, for £1.05. Ha. So now finally it's time for me to stop hiding out and take the LID OFF THE BOX of my life. It's time to be MAKING CRAZY WORK! ​  This page exolains soime of that journey.