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TOP SECRET ACCESS behind the scenes awaits!

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Become a DREAMTRYB SECRET AGENT - support this crazy work and enjoy exclusive behind the scenes music, stories, breakthrough frameworks and laughter moments as this Epic Battle and adventure is embraced...

This is all about finding breakthroughs. It's about finding freedom to be the amazing people we are made to be. We call this MAKING CRAZY WORK. It's also, at our core, about uncovering and implementing, THE ANTIDOTE to FIAH.

And, of course, you can just sit back and enjoy the music, stories and fun. You don't have to do anything :)


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It's late in the evening and Frank is confering with Daphne his confidant. His gruff East London dialect betraying his birthplace. A birthplace of character in London's gangland. It's a story. Evening Daphne I’m writing my bit for the LID OFF THE BOX website. Ere you go, I’ll test out what I’m planning to say with you. Ere goes nothing… ​ Ello Everybody We have an emergency situation. An Ultra Secret, vitally important project that needs your 'elp. So listen up and don't tell anyone about it, it's a secret... Brrr Brrr… ​ What's that Sir Nick? I can't tell em. It's TOP SECRET to DREAMTRYB Special Agents... Well goodness me this is a Dog's Breakfast. So I can't tell em about our Mission here in the North American Continent to free this Inner NICKSTIR of Nicky Slater we've been pursuing. I can’t tell em about our goal of releasing FIG to change the world and the fact he may be the chosen one to do that. etc.. And the fact we've been hacked by FIAH and have no money and need elp and this is the final battle. I mean if I could tell em they might chip in. God knows we need elp here with the boys coming in and that reporter Dizzy Talent sniffing around. She is lovely. No. Well OK Boss. I won't say a thing until they're inside and on board. I hear you - There’s always a way. Chin up and on we go as my Great Auntie used to say.

DREAMTRYB WHITE - 1.3_1500.png


We're a tiny Start Up. So to deliver on our promises we've learnt we need to keep things simple. Admin can swamp creation, tech has eaten time! So to give you our best we've one offer - we call it - ALL IN ...
Now we cannot guarantee exactly what you will be seeing, because creativity goes where it goes... But we promise you fun exclusive access around the topics shown below.

If you choose to support us at all we are very grateful. You can of course stop at any time.

If you'd like to support with more than the intro level we would really appreciate that.

Thank you for your consideration and support.




Below is some of what we plan to deliver...

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DREAMTRYB WHITE - 1.3_1500.png
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


Every little bit elps. f you like what we're doing here you can buy us a coffee to help us keep going. Ahhh that's lovely - thank you :) Love Frank


Ello - Frank ere. Well I see what NICKSTIR and Co and DR Nick and we can do through DREAMTRYB and it's awesome. Trouble is FIAH has hacked all our funds so we ave no dosh. It's a pickle we're in. But, if you chip in, to be an Executive Producer we can get your name in lights lkke those posh Hollywood folk on the video we make. You'll be famous, imortalised, super important. Your ego will love you :) That's how my sales book says I should tell it. Anyway. Bottom line. We can get elp if you elp. And get stuff made to change the world and battle FIAH. We gotta Free NICKSTIR, it's gonna be awesome. Thank you for elping. Love Frank.



  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - 500 or more

  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - 100 or more

See Q & A for more details

  • Vision and about Patrons
    Great to meet you here. THE VISION I am seeking to develop The Antidote to Fear. To do a part of this within a walled garden, so I can share freely what I find without having the structured haters and mockers attacking. I am coming to the conclusion that this is the right strategy. YOU AND ME This is not Netflix or Disney Plus or Apple TV. This is one guy with some part time help from his wife building something around music and breakthroughs. I have self funded for twenty years. I will continue to do that. And the stress of doing this is huge. And... I am a grown up and this is my choice. PATRONS When I skated as a competitor I had Patrons. Now many years later I seek to find people who would be prepared to be that for me on this mission I have. LARGER GIFT AMOUNTS Bigger amounts can look arrogant or crazy to some of us. Now, because the software is clunky I cannot give a 'Give what you want' option. Nor a lift my gift and take my gift down ability at this time. So I am giving the option of giving more and me having to administer less... Probably more than many of us would envisage. But someone might say - I love this, I can help it grow and the amounts - to them - are not big. Finally thank you for considering supporting my work here.
  • What will I be seeing and hearing that's exclusive?
    WHAT'S EXCLUSIVE I will be posting Blogs about the journey that will be gated and exclusive to DREAMTRYB. This enables me to share the journey without the constant questions: Am I looking weak here and, Am I going to be attacked here, Is it good enough? Plus all the other questions running. It will enable a freer conversation and more insights and breakthroughs to be gained. And it will be more fun :) As I create the songs to get to a rough stage I am closer to a finished stage and then I'll finish them! Breakthrough... ding! I will be looking at how we get BREAKTHROUGHS and the general learning required to make things happen. I find it fascinating how we can sabotage ourselves and how we can address this. How do we set ourselves free from those lies that bind us and tell us - "You can't do that." IMPERFECT MUSIC In Kelowna I was driven around by a farmer (who had a big orchard) on his golf cart - it was magical. He told me of how the Packers (who control apple distribution) demanded apples of a certain size and that they had to be perfect. He had submitted some apples and the Packers had found some to be the wrong size and fined him. It cost him money to send in his apples and get no return. It's absolute madness. So the apples rot in abundance because the climate here is brilliant for growing them - and people are starving elsewhere. At our local supermarket they sell their own brand produce. One such yellow bag clad offering is titled Imperfect Fruits. It's frozen fruit I put in a milk smoothie, they are delicious and perhaps they are not quite the right size according to those Packers who control the supply chain now? And you know what - I don't care - I love the fruit. And the orchard I was driven through has some of its apple trees removed now. I will be sharing some imperfect fruit. Some music that is in development to DREAMTRYBERS. For example - I have a beautiful track called Nothing To Lose - the vocal needs a little tidying and the start needs an extra couple of notes. And, as a base for a song it's absolutely beautiful. But I need to re-record the guitar and for that I need to re-learn the song. To be able to play her for you and to re-learn it and record it and share that journey would inspire me to action. I wouldn't be alone on the journey. Then we can celebrate when it goes out of the door to sail on the internet sea. A breakthrough achieved together. Now, with you as a DREAMTRYBER, I can make it so that you can hear Nothing To Lose in its imperfect fruit stage. Which would be brilliant to be able to share it. So it has life, behind closed doors. And it encourages me to get it produced for the wider world and share how I'm doing with you. THE DYNAMIC It's the potential for the dynamic of accountability and sharing that is exciting here. It's a two way street.
  • What lights you up about all this?
    FINDING THE ANTIDOTE TO FEAR I can see the possibility in bringing to fruition work only I could see twenty years ago. The battle of the mind that his encompasses has been, and continues to be huge. As I address this battle I am gaining insights into what holds me and may hold many other people. We label it FIAH - Fiendish Individuals that Attack with Hate. So for me to re-invent as a Singer Songwriter and be successful in that area would be a monumental win and a massive change from what I was programmed to be doing with my life. More than this is the possibility of inspiring others to get over their own fears to be the amazing people we were all made to be. TODAY'S ENVIRONMENT 2022 We face a global movement that seeks control and directs us to not speak on certain issues. Our schools have programmes within them that parents are not aware and - if they disagree with choices their children make - they can and have recently been imprisoned in Canada for standing against them. I had no wish to be in any type of political environment. But I am a stand for freedom - not control. This sets me on a collision course with those who tell me/us what to do. This is scary - and there it is - the FIAH. How to overcome and face that? How do we see who the enemy is? How do we learn to stand? For you to join me and be enabling this work would be fabulous. To be able to entertain and inspire through stories, music, comedy would be a gift and MUSIC - has extraordinary power. Thank you for reading and considering supporting what I do here.
  • Why should I support you? What do I get out of it?
    Good question. And you know I've not wanted any support in the past. I have self sabotaged. Money has been a block for me. So I'm daring to let it flow here. music, writing, comedy, insight MUSIC COMEDY WRITING INSIGHTS You will get music, writings and audio and design no one else has access to yet. You may get access to stories that are developing and be able to comment. Comedy that is tried out on you. We shall see how things develop. Christiane and I support someone who is a teacher online. His Ministry - for us - is excellent. Straight forward teaching taking away a lot pf preconceptions. So we support his Ministry. We don't have to, it's all free. So supporting him, in a commercial sense is silly and yet it's not. Somehow I feel a part of what he does. I care about. You can't give without getting. And it's a Biblical principal that it's better to give than receive. So I trust something will come back from somewhere. A man once answered a bolshy sixteen year old that was me. My question as Why was he driving me and my partner to an ice rink at six in the morning in London. "Well I do it to help your mother and also, my mother used to say You can't give without getting." I have tested that philosophy since then. From my observations it is an amazing truth. TAKING THE LID OFF THE BOX OF LIFE I will do my best to give you a fun service that is unique on this planet. You will be a part of looking at how we take the LID OFF THE BOX of our lives and try to keep it off. And something will come from your giving, somehow. And if you want to stop you can at any time. You will of course be enabling me to develop work as you act as a Patron of the Arts. Which makes you very important as well :) Ha - I could go on...
  • You speak of Patreon and of us being Patrons what's that about?
    PATREON EQUIVALENT Patreon is an online platform that allows artists to be supported by Patrons. It's a great service and means Artists can show work and share what they are developing without it being in the commercial realm. I set myself the goal of creating my own Patreon type facility. I have quite a sophisticated capability on our DOT COM site but it's demanding to set it up for you at present. I have invested years of my life battling the tech. So I'm trying WIX. WIX is fast and easy and much more limited in capability. So what I have as a Patreon type facility is currently very limited. But, hallulujah it is live! This means that when you give your Patronage support no middle man (except PayPal) takes a cut. You Patronage is therefore worth more. THE STARVING ARTIST I was in Montmatre in Paris, France and visited where Artists used to work. Many still do. An Artist would give a canvas to the local paint supplier in exchange for more paint. The picture of the starving artist has always been with us. Today it is no different, a song might get a million plays and that sounds great for the ego but it is minimal income for the creator. The major companies with the dollars to promote and drive promotion still lead the charts for the most part. Independents can now make it in many areas because of the democratisation of the internet but millions don't. Patrons for the Arts have always been with us. They used to be the super wealthy, Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses. PATRONS TODAY - YOU AND ME Today, thanks to the internet, you and me can be a Patron of an Artist - help them see their work to fruition and enjoy the fruits of the labour we helped support. Somehow it's good for the soul.
  • Can I unsubscribe at any time?
    Yes of course. Your next bill will not be charged once you unsubscribe.
  • Why is there no trial period?
    This site's application for Membership Management is not very sophisticated. For example there is no drip feed of content over time. So with a free trial people could simply join, look around, hoover up content and leave. In itself this is not a problem. However it means the mockers and shockers can come and go with no cost and then kill you on Twitter. I've been there this year and don't want to face that again. So an entry fee, if you like, I'm hoping will stop that dynamic of abuse for fun engaged in by some. I am also hoping that you see enough of what I am about and what is developing to enable you to trustfully risk a month of support, and if you don't like it simply cancel. I'm hoping you won't of course - because I will love having your company.
  • What do you hope to see out of this?
    I hope to see you entertained and inspired, having something that contributes to your life. I hope to see a breakthrough with the past for me. I hope to see an ongoing enterprise where I am working alongside a great team and we have resources to produce great entertainment and inspirational products. I hope to see part of our work being in live shows being produced that you can come to and love. So all this would be breakthroughs with my past. To achieve what I see will prove that anything is possible and disprove the folk and voices in my head that say NO CHANCE. To be able to share that with others and inspire them to go for it too would be an incredible gift and as good as winning any championship in my book.
  • VIDEO - Executive Producer Credit Levels
    PRODUCER CREDITS ​ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - 1,000 or more Full Page individual naming at start and end of video - like a Hollywood Movie. Credits will be for longer and type with be large. If you wish a web link that can be incorporated on the final credits. ​ ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - 100 or more Joint page with other Associate Producers at start and end of video. ​ PRODUCER - 10 or more Joint page with other Producers at start and end of video. ​
  • VIDEO - What happens if you don't raise enough for a video in the timescale provided?
    The money will be allocated to general work if the amount is not reached by the deadline. If anyone gives the 1000 donation - we will make a specific video and have them credited as Executive producers on that.
  • What currency is it?
    It is a US Dollar account with Paypal.
  • Why can't I increase and decrease the amount I give? And do a 'Give what I want' amount?
    I know right; it's frustrating. And it might be operator error from me. But I don't think so. WIX is brilliant in so many ways; and then I always seem to reach a block point. Then the never ending search through the various 'add on apps' that require more investment and often have low scores for performance rears its head. I have been in that circle for years... Well for me - right now - to have something that is adequate, rather than perfect, is a new approach and what this is. It is better than nothing. You can have a plan at one level - cancel that plan - and open another. I am sorry it is so clunky but - half full - we do have something.
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