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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Since the weekend I have developed, mused on and now created this site registered at it was prompted by a WIX template. It's funny how a template forces me to create into that space. The canvas for the artist, a guide, structure, discipline.

Now... I have still working as the mother ship, my Disneyesque vision. It's been part of the Wordpress v WIX scenario. Trouble with .com is she's time intensive and design clunky. I feel I have to master Elementor to use it properly and it eats my life...

Here in WIX WORLD it's easy to post and put stuff in.


And I am writing to myself here - as I often do. Nobody is looking, partly because I haven't told them about it and maybe that's wise!? Stay hiding away in plain sight? And partly because I don't want to be distracted by a thousand conversations, or one, right now. I will love being in touch though and maybe that's anther thing to learn. To be back in touch with the world.

But then I am seeing things that I can use here. Because suddenly it's easier to blog. And I'm looking through photos and music and they distract and prompt me. The cork is coming out of the bottle and a plethora of ideas come...

But what if I do too much too quickly? Will it not be right? Will i get told off? 'Who cares?' I hear my mate Pete say in my head. Nobody's here, nobody cares, they are all too busy trying to survive anyway doing their own stuff. Indeed, thank you for that reminder. Just get on, as a child, and do it. OK let's play...

Suddenly I am free to write short stories in blog format.


So just for fun right now and to try things out, to get into the flow of making the content and practice, if you will, I start Banana Skin Moments.


I was at these. I was in a show called DANCING ON ICE as a Judge for ITV so I was famous to a certain group of folk who watched the show - 12 million every weekend in its hay day.

I loved the show business and so many of the people involved in it and I hated being a Judge. It was so... (well it's a story in itself with my background - Banana Skins on Ice will give a big chapter to it).


So it's all very posh for these awards and as I sat down near the front I heard NICKY - NICKY - NICKY shouted from the upper reaches of the building. People looked at me - I was a bit embarrassed and ignored it, head down...

Now Frank Sinatra had girls coached in how to behave at his concerts and the Press lapped it up. I've heard of other 'stars' who had people in the audience so that when they came in to watch a performance they got cheered, which influenced the TV and Theatre execs present.

And Muggins here kept his head down as unexpectedly I got a little of that. So sorry everyone who was shouting. Maybe I could have had some friends in shouting and the TV execs present might have thought I was a star! As it was some folk were shouting for me and the least I could have done was say thank you and wave to the fans!!!


Funny story about where do you put your coat when you go to a Red Carpet event to come in the BOOK - The BOOK? - Banana Skins On and Off Ice. That's been in the cooker for a million years. Like everything I create... Nearly there. Come on Slater.

And here I am outside the Royal Albert Hall (hair - block brown number 5) about to walk on the Red Carpet. And how do you do that? Who do you smile at? The girls had it down pat, taking turns giving the photographers a pose this way and that. Well I had no idea. And I had no strapless backless long frock with a big cutaway, nor perhaps the form required to be worth the photo! Everybody's equal right?

So I found the Director Paul Kirrage and some of his guys and walked in with them. I said I don't know how to do this and they said 'Stick with us.'

Funny to think that a couple of years before I was living in Earls Court and I walked round one evening past the building, spotlights were on and a crowd had gathered. So I joined them and watched the famous walk and pose on the red carpet. Probably the same red carpet. Funny old world. Makes me think I should put a red carpet in my hallway... Good for the ego, or simply provoking a smile.


It's a bit of a thing to learn how to do. Maybe I should add that to the things to learn...? Richard and Judy went over and signed some autographs for fans that were waiting. But what if you walk over and no one wants your autograph?

A couple of the photographers did shout Nicky Nicky so I did stop for a moment. I think they could see I was a bit nervous so took pity on me. Thanks guys.


Once the awards were over (we didn't win), you had to walk from the front of the RAH (Royal Albert Hall) to the reception area across that red carpet again. Being on my own I was a bit more confident now. 'Nicky can we walk with you?' asked a couple of beautiful starlets. 'Sure,' rude not to.

So I walked with two beauties, one on each arm. Perfect moment for the ego and I felt that they too were not quite as sure as most had appeared. It was good to be of service. It's funny the photographers take more pictures of you when you have a beautiful lady on your arm. Go figure? A moment with a former topless model comes to mind. Another time...

And of course they left me as soon as we got in the reception area, or did I leave them?Probably the former, right?

Hee hee - I like this short story format. Have to do little audio clips of them - then I won't be able to come back and re-write...



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