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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If you read any of this site you will hear me go on about the battle. The battle for the mind. It's about naming and overcoming fear.

In my research as to who to vote for in the Kelowna Council and Mayoral Elections I came across an interview with this man CHARLIE HODGE. A former Journalist and a Councillor seeking re-election.

He does not think he will live to make the next election in four year's time.


It's a thought provoking piece about living life whilst we have it and about the battle for the mind.

The lack of self pity and the pragmatic explanation of what is going on and why he wants to still be a Councillor is to me inspirational as he speaks of freedom from worrying about what's next. Because soon, he won't have next... LINK

So thank you Charlie. As ever someone against it more than I provides a reminder that time is short and every day valuable.


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