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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I have a song I have written called ROUND AND ROUND IN CIRCLES.

Round and round in circles

Looking in same old box

Trying to find

Some peace of mind

From all the hope I've lost

Is a part of it!

And here I go again as I look at my WIX site and see my Wordpress site menus not working properly, but they do work on the editor? Another conundrum to solve. And I am procrastinating on two technical issues of guitars and mics...


I have projects in this WIX site layout. They called me to look individually at the constituent parts of the whole I create. But one is missing, In fact two, no three are missing. I forget (doh) that Production includes Pre-Production work and that performance requires learning and practise.

So here at Wix central, if I use this site as a project framework for development, I need to add those project areas.


And - get on with it on two areas I've been developing. Money to go out... Another step.

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