Updated: Oct 20


I started at 7:00am addressing my Wordpress website needs. It had 147,000 hits in seven days and it is dormant. Apparently I need to double my payments to address this as I get spikes in activity. I have a list of things to do to sort this. So I spent three hours in tech - new plug in - adding code ( I have no idea how it works) and speaking on chat with tech support. It eats my time and energy. And I like the framework of the site. lidoffthebox.com I've done a huge amount of work to get it thus far. Seems mad to let it go...

I don't want to be reliant on others to do it for me but - for not a huge amount on an ongong basis for the rest of my life payments - the pain would go away. So - do I step there? I'm in process. Just seems a lot per year. But maybe it's not? Anyway the BREAKTHROUGH is that I'm under the hood and FTPing and PHPing which is scary because the whole thing can fall over and I did not want to address it - so it takes some courage to dare to dig in there. And I sorted the chron jobs section. No idea what it does but did it! Rock n Roll. Two out of eight tasks assigned by my Product Rep completed. Is this a good use of my life?


My distraction of the day is caused by my wife. It is her fault... Everyone is on a holiday in Canada and I'm on just another Friday. I never understood Bank Holidays in England, the Bank never stopped charging me? Anyway she forwarded me a post by Larry Sharpe a while back and I opened it this morning. I had heard of #writeinlarrysharpe before. He's a Libertarian Politician amongst many other things. The post contained a Booker T Washington quote and image;

A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right and evil does not become good just because it's accepted by the majority. Booker T Washington

I have a Bee in my Bonnet about Freedom. Freedom of Speech being a part of that. Presently I interpret society as developing a 'You Can't Say that' culture. It's called CONTROL and I don't do well with the C word. Yet I don't want to be a shouting match, a conflict. So the bully wins? Discuss.

So I end up on Larry Sharpe's Instagram feed and it's an interesting rabbit hole to traverse. Thoughts and quotes on freedom from different Americans.

Then I look up conflict online and find a paper with a snappy title: Leading through agonistic conflict: Contested sense-making in national political arenas. You know it interests me. Yes really. The bottom line is two Select Committees in the House of Commons in the UK chaired by the same person, at the same time were looking at Government initiatives. The paper addresses their leadership styles.

I find it fascinating to learn a new word - AGONISM. Not ANT- AGONISM. I will read the rest and ponder it. It means "not constructing the opponent as an enemy, but as an adversary."