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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I read a while ago about a British Comedian Lenny Henry who had added to his comedy talents by doing a writing degree course for theatre.

He was then writing a theatre show with a co-writer. They had a mentor to advise them periodically on what they were doing. The theatre was booked and the deadline for the One Man Show was three weeks away.


The mentor came and listened to the writers those 21 days out and said - "That's good, now you have the characters. Write it again from scratch." Lenny, forgive me if I don't have the details exact. I think I have the gist.

The mentor's suggestions were not met with relaxed approval!

So they rewrote the stage play and it was brilliant.


I have loads of versions of songs I have half recorded. Knife Edge is one of those. So rather than looking at those and editing them to see what was needed and re-record then mix and master I took heed of Lenny's mentor.

I started again. Two full on days. Guitars, drums, bass, lead guitar, percussion, piano, vocals. I played it all! Excepting for one loop that features a little. This is awesome for me. Rock n Roll. Breakthroughs in learning how to isolate clips and record across from arrangement to session view and time as Sound Engineer for audio feeds and overall mix density.


And my goal here at our DOT.NET site is to grow my completion muscles. And I haven't completed the mixing and the lead guitar solo can be better. Oh yes and to let you hear it, as a finished song - so many questions on releasing strategy. Pre-release, fit with songs to follow etc... Just do it. Aha...


And I had music therapy this morning listening to songs I have created. And I wrote another called NODOBY CARES this afternoon. The whole thing! It's a Country Rock song. It was prompted by people in the gym asking where I'd been after I had fallen off the page for the week, panicking. They cared about me. How fabulous.

I know you want to hear the music. Stop telling me about it...


Not much... Pipes coming into place. Come on Slater.


I guess this is where I can share work in development on DREAMTRYB. Just have to sort how to do that?


I need to hand over PRODUCTION DUTIES to my MUSIC PRODUCER self. ROOF. You will learn about him soon.


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