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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I find I’m prompted to want to find a place to compete.

I do it in the gym with myself, and sometimes those around me - especially the young ladies who think they will beat me, then find they cannot. Great fun.

I react well to competition, the challenge.

I react well to competition, the challenge. A place of measurement against excellence, a comparator, a spur to do better.

So how and where can I compete in the areas of work I am embracing? THE BILLBOARD CHARTS is one of those. So how to get to a place of being able to compete in that space…

And I'm reminded that one of the drivers for me taking this path was that there was a competition that, should you be successful in it, represented income. This was not the case when I competed on ice.

Today’s final enquiry.


The Eiffel Tower was the winning entry in a competition for a 'centerpiece' for the Paris Exposition of 1889. The design by an engineer named Gustav Eiffel was selected from over three hundred entries for its striking design and for its economical structure which displayed the French prowess in metal construction.

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