Updated: Oct 23

I met some guys that are in business at breakfast this morning. The plan is that we're going to meet each week. The four of us sat around a table in a hotel. The above image was my view.

The Canadians are amazing in how they use roll over doors. You can see the roll over on the edge of the picture. Summers are hot so they'll just lift the garage door up and over and have fresh air coming in. When we arrived in Canada we stayed for a month in a caravan in a resort outside of town. It was brilliant. Two swimming pools, library, recreation room, hot tubs. We couldn't stay because our son was too old. They had a jacuzzi area in a room overlooking the pool with a glass roll over door on its front. I have never seen it in England, but it's a great idea.

Anyway. I was reminded of times I used to go to early morning business meetings in the States. The air is similar to here this time of year, crisp and sharp. Somehow North American air has always smelled big to me? Can't explain it. But I love it.


The meeting started at 7:00am so I awoke at 3:40am so as not to be late; as you do. I went to sleep on the sofa, dog on my feet and my son woke me as he came down at 6:36am. I had set the alarm for 6:30am but the volume was down on the iPad. The devil is in the detail. My son doesn't know it, but he rescued me.

And I got there on time. interesting to hear snippets of guys who are doing business. I have challenges to face and that's normal, I heard it through the other guys I met. It's encouraging to me to know I am not alone.

Corollary of business success is poverty.

And I have a heart for the homeless. I have nearly been there on occasion and chose to be a nomad for a while with no fixed abode. After about six months I wanted a base but it was cost effective to be travelling and only paying for one place to stay, rather than have another home to support when I was away.


So the idea comes of MAKING A LIVING - my NICKSTIR took over and you can see it in this blog with artwork he created...


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