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After the show and the audience has left - or has it?

Nottingham Ice Stadium, England. A Mecca for British Ice Dancers. Every year the British Ice Dance Championships were held there in November.


Crowd's gone

Still something

Arena air

Is it ghosts or spirits lingering

I enjoy


Standing there

Air cool

Ice cracked and crumbled

Blades cut music inspired

But is it

Never ending echoes

To which my brain is wired

I battled here this evening

Competition bronze silver gold

Do I hear spirits confer how I did

Same venue

As warriors of old

I remember three thousand faces

Same seat same time year on year

Applauding glamour

Ice dancers

Grace speed knife edge

Without fear

Crowd's gone

Still something

Arena air

Was it spirits of ice in conversation


With me there

And looking back there's something else

I'm imaging I see

Three thousand faces urging me on

For what is yet to be

© 2022 NICKSTIR (Nicholas Mark Slater)


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