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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

My son's Headteacher asked him, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" He was eight at the time. "A Professional Footballer," he announced with no hesitation. "And what is Plan B she asked?" He was eight, he had no answer. Why would he have a Plan B?

The DREAMTRYB name has a back story that leads to Winston Churchill's living room after dinner towards the end of the Second World War. It's name came from a mix of DREAM TRIBE and Try Plan B...

Behind everything at LID OFF THE BOX is DREAMTRYB.

It is already a crazy saga. It has the potential to be a fascinating and Epic tale akin to Marvel with Music. Unlikely Super Heroes with English Special Agents battling their arch enemy in the final battle on this North American Continent. All based from MI5 Safehouse No 37 as its stage.

It is also simply a place where we can be - in a TRYB - a DREAMTRYB. A place where I can share growth, share how, by trying to make things work, breakthroughs are gained.

I see DREAMTRYB as a place of fun, development, angst and vulnerability walled off from the Internet Battle and mockers around us. I think it could be a magic place. The scripting ideas and characters I've developed are great fun. And it will take resources to get them produced to video and music as I envisage. It's all there - just need help so I can be Talent! Instead of everything... that's not ego speaking that's my realisation of what my job should be.


Talent is a term for creatives and performers in Show Business. I've always felt it's a bit presumptuous and shied away from it. Some Talent is presumptuous! But I have come to realise it's simply a name and the responsibility that talent carries to be able to perform at high level is huge.

The application required to excel as a musician is exactly the same as for an Olympic Athlete. You don't just turn up on a Wednesday and have the World fall at your feet.


DREAMTRYB will enable me to be focused on what I'm best at. I create, write, perform, front. Admin, planning, promotion and the detail of filming and editing I can do and Directing is fine - but I'm slower at production. I know the devil is in the detail so I need the detail managed and trusted help there. Currently - me being that help stops me... DREAMTRYB can change that.

I invite you to join me in DREAMTRYB. I promise you you will be entertained and inspired. We will laugh together. I will be held accountable to you and that too - will be brilliant...


You can become a DREAMTRYBER by Subscribing to support the work I'm developing. In return you get benefits of seeing exclusives that the world hasn't got. You are behind the scenes in the developing story.

I'm also developing a DREAMTRYB Membership and Special Agent package but I'm not promising that. It would be too much pressure - but something will come in that area.

It would be brilliant to have your support and share the journey.

By the way - the work is all PG or less. I aim for everything I create to be family friendly, in my definition of what that should be - which is quite conservative.

You can visit the sign up page and have a look around by clicking the button below. Enjoy.

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