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Updated: Oct 12, 2022


We lived in Ipswich for ten years. It was supposed to be for a year! Ed is from near Ipswich. He played on the steps of Ipswich Town Hall - an impromptu concert yesterday. Over 5,000 people turned up. A great way to busk!

Ed strikes me as someone who has no problem with doubt. He has done great things for supporting charities in Ipswich and I have his Wembley show film on my itunes playlist. It is amazing how one man can hold that many people being entertained.

I nearly met him once. He was presenting to students who had just passed their Masters - he was getting an Honourary Doctorate - he did the Monday stint. I did the Wednesday stint when I got mine. Not sure which the students would rather have been at - and I encouraged everyone to not be influenced by their culture of the day and to have more babies! It's a story.

So I'm inspired by Ed as in particular how he is staying normal in the world of super stardom that he inhabits. Humility, drive and talent - a great combination to emulate methinks.


Listened to Joyce Meyer this morning. She was speaking about Being in the Pit. A pit of self pity, a pit of depression, a pit of wrong thinking. She spoke of Changing Her Mind, she has a way with a turn of phrase. A briliant communicator.

As I attack this subject of what holds me it was great to hear her view on those thoughts that come out of nowhere, often not great and how to deal with them. Corinthians 2:10 Take every thought captive.


When the Queen died I played a piano piece to Christiane in honour of Her Majesty. I'd created it in the emotion and reflections of that day - it has still be to developed but is shared in very rough state on this site. She cried, she was upset that people never hear what I play. I just never share it because it is not quite ready.

This morning I create d a lovely guitar piece. I've notated it on paper. I love the old fashioned way of working.

Then I sat at our piano in the living room - it's got a lovely view and is a super place to play - and came up with another theme and developed it.

As I am MAKING CRAZY WORK here. And actually doing it! Hallelujah. I am acting the parts and seeing how that works.

So ROOF turned up as Producer and plugged everything in - including a Valhalla Shimmer and a Mastering Suite and my NICKSTIR played...

You can hear it in the NICKSTIR KEYS compilation here. WIX doesn't allow me to embed it here as far as I can see!

A breakthrough - created, played, recorded and on this site - next to Apple Music et al.


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