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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Today I developed this site. I've been thinking on courage and fear and what makes us/me fear? One insight was the fact we imagine what is going to happen. What might be.

But there is another facet that gets me I hadn't factored in. The issue of control.


When I feel I cannot speak for fear of being attacked. When a parent is disempowered as their child is taught things at school and the parent does not know nor is allowed to intervene. This is about control. You are controlling me. I do not react well to that. And my oath to be a Canadian spoke of freedoms.


Christiane's pictures of Brent and Jolinda's cabin. Idyllic day, early autumn, no bugs, warm blue sky. Come winter snow is six feet high in drifts. It's real Canadian. Come certain times of the year there are bugs. It is not always a bed of roses. But it smells like freedom to me.

My wife takes amazing pictures


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