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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I haven't yet heard back from Ken (Clarke). However I can see that my Blog of the other week did the trick. The British Government decided to rescind its abolition of higher rate tax for the well off at a time when - Ken advised - they should be focusing on helping the poorer in the nation as Hard Times we face.


It was fascinating that The Prime Minister on Sunday said that the MINI BUDGET would not be rescinded and that on Monday morning it was rescinded by the Chancellor.

It was also fascinating to observe the International BBC News feed I get over here in Canada.

Next day all mention of the issue was off the BBC International feed website front end. The story ceased to exist... The Chancellor saying it was rescinded on the BBC Morning Show on Monday was one thing. It disappearing from my feed on Tuesday seemed odd?

I had to dig into the British area and then find a small box that had the story. Meanwhile all the papers in Britain had a field day on Tuesday over The Government (well the Prime Minister and the Chancellor) doing their U-Turn.

My favourite was the SHODDY car. Of course it was NODDY'S CAR and I used to be in the NODDY CLUB when I was eight. Brilliant.

Why did it disappear from the BBC feed over here? Maybe Private Eye will have a view??

And I spoke to someone who is involved in the Bond markets and they said it was tricky for the Government. I guess George Soros and co are very unhappy they don't have another chance to decimate the pound as the Treasury tries to prop up its value as they said they would.


Conservative MPs stood against their leaders, risking loosing the Whip and standing against all other levers the leadership has at its disposal. The Government leadership listened and acted. Democracy at work.

And my Blog of course.


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