Updated: Oct 20

I Kelowna the Homeless use shopping trolleys to transport their worldly belongings. And winter's coming...


V1: I'm making a living spending my time

Street corner playing

Playing for dimes

I'm making a living sing well known tunes

Little boy smiles five cents red balloon

I'm making a living

I need a room and

CH1: I ain't got no money for dental care

I ain't got no money to cut my hair

I ain't got no money to wash my clothes

My trolley's gone it always gets stole so

I'm smiling and smoking a stub that I found

Winter's coming leaves red gold brown and

V2: I'm making a living day after day

Pitch outside Starbucks

Where rich folk pay

Their thousands each year for their daily brew

If I had their money

What would I do well

CH2: I'd go pay for all my dental care

I'd go pay someone to wash cut my hair

I'd go pay for beautiful new clean clothes

Have a bed in a place that won't get stole