This is a fictional story based on actual events. It is a DREAMTRYB Story.


A man is appointed as the CEO of a National Sports Body. He is respected and has a proven record. He is a great fit for the job as a leader and effective executive.

He is associated with many organsiations and charities through his CV and/or records of his life. With regards to the Laws of the Land everything was in order.

The World was about to see another twist in the strategy of The SNAKE.


Someone (THE RESEARCHER - we shall call them) received an email from the Whisperer 'Why not look into this particular Organisation' it read. An excellent and diligent researcher, she took on the challenge to dig into this particular Organisation the CEO was associated with on his CV.

She found that people within that Organisation have spoken on OLD FASHIONED VIEWS that are not allowed in today's globally agreed and ever developing Social Media Zone (SMZ).

'Why not link these statements to the CEO directly as though he spoke them?' The second email from the Whisperer arrived. Who was the Whisperer? Were they associated with SMZ Central. Rumour had it they paid amazing rates. She was honoured to be singled out. A one bed flat in a moldy old tower block was not her idea of heaven. With SMZ a penthouse would be within her grasp.

THE RESEARCHER linking the Organisation he attends as a lever point of attack. She also reflected she will get massive viewing figures and hundreds in advertising revenue as a result.

THE RESEARCHER attacked the CEO and highlighted the issues the Organisation had spoken as though the CEO had spoken them himself. Because he was there, words could be painted over his image easily. It was a masterstroke she realised. It looked like he spoke those words that she knew would upset SMZ followers. Who cares about details and source. One image can do it.

Being highly connected across the SMZ independent policing units worldwide she broadcast her findings and the image to her tribe. Waves were created, outrage erupted, and media feeds picked up on the storm. Easy...


THE POLITICO (we shall call them) sees this post when her Personal Assistant brings it to her attention. She sees this as an opportunity to enhance her political power and to gain votes and financial support for their most vociferous support base. SHE DECIDES TO ATTACK.