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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Seems like listening to what people say you should be might not work for everyone! Me being one of those...


The day started off with a well intentioned capture of a guitar tune. The problem was capturing the lead in notes before the bar into Ableton Live. Live work on loops so starting before the bar causes it a problem - one I have faced before and run away from.

The solution is PICKUP NOTES, a Max for Live PLUG IN made by Dennis DeSantis. Now Dennis is famous to me - he is the lead educator at Ableton Live. I have his book. I've read it twice so far.


So I've got the PLUG IN - it works, amazing and there's a You can buy me a coffee? If you like it link. How brilliant.

So I bought him a coffee and there's KO-FI possibility on this site now. So if you like what you read and se and hear. You can buy me a coffee :) Great fun.


I looked at Dennis's website - clean, techy and then I found Laura Escude interview The Art of Designing a Live Show as one of his featured talks. So I've watched it.


THE BIG SHOW is the goal for all I'm doing so learning how great people do that is inspirational.

  • Back up laptop running concurrently

  • CLYPHX - for key triggering

  • Midi Merlin

Amongst other tips... Fascinating.

I love Laura's openess in speaking of her journey. To find it's OK to be 'doing everything she does' because that's who she is. To come back to her name because she felt that was right, and not care too much.

Names for me are a huge deal. What's my name? Really is an ongoing enquiry. And maybe having more than one is fine anyway? I play different parts, different roles.


I have never heard of this before.

I've been: Ice Dancer, Choreographer, Presenter, Commentator, Impressario, Producer, Director, Investor, Artist, Marketing Director, Developer. A friend once called me - an Entrepreneur (as a catch all bucket). Which kind of works...

Now I am Writer, Designer, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Philosophiser... Daddy, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend. And I need to be Entrepreneur again...

And - as Laura was saying it's alright to be a Muti-Hypenate! Ha ha - of course it is, especially in the Show Business World.

It's encouraging to me to hear someone else's journey validating a point I struggle with.

Never mind that some people say do this or that or just do this one thing. And never mind trying to validate what I do. Lift conversation - "What do you do?" "Oh, I'm a MUTI-HYPHENATE... And how about you?"


So the wholistic title we, who may be uncatorgisable could embrace is, MULTI-HYPHENATE. Rock n Roll.

It does sound a little bit like HYPER-VENTILATE to me which may be why I can get out of breath focusing on what i'm doing.

Thank you Dennis

Thank you Laura

Inspiring folk both...


Forgetting everything that was before I press on towards the goal - are Paul's words in the Bible....

So it seems to me that the TRUE NORTH goal - and i'm reminded of a Stephen Covey teaching in the dim recesses of my memory - is what draws everything together.

Not to be focussing on what the specific skills are as an end in themselves but to be focusing on using all we are to reach the goal.
My goal is to use all I am to one day share a live moment of performance with you. To connect, communicate, enrich our lives in that...


Now, back to that song.


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