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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Years ago I bought an SE6500 as my main mic. Recently I visited Advanced Audio in Summerland one hour from where I am in Kelowna. I met Dave and Scotty.

They have taken my SE and re-created it as a CM251. I picked it up today.

I sensed a harshness on high notes and Scotty fitted something and it took the sensitivity down to 10k ish. Much better, huge sound. I plugged it into my laptop in their sound booth and the 'Classic' vocal setting of Logic was immense :)


So this is added to the DM7 I purchased from them. DM7 is interesting and surprising. It's much cheaper than their main mics but has a punch that is awesome. It's used for Podcasting and is a step up from the Shure 58 I have, so I'm told. Putting aside my 'it has to be expensive to be great' I have tested it and Andre Bocelli and I were having a ball in my sound booth the other night. I came out bathed in sweat and hadn't even noticed! It's been hot here.

Now I'm looking forward to hearing a back to back comparison through my Distressors. The goal is to create a world class sound. Huge and open... We shall see - and hear - as things progress.

Funny how I'm adjacent to some of the world's most amazing mic creators. Funny how a guitar is remade and I stumble across it ten minutes away, funny how a mic is used as the frame to create something unique.

Advanced Audio - they make great 'world class' mics. And they are lovely folk to boot. Check them out.

Thank you Scotty for the work. Thank you Dave for the designs.

Maybe a 49 down the pike?



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