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I've been thinking about freedom. We see on our news feeds the interpretation of the Ukraine v Russia war.

I do not think the West is entirely innocent in causing this. I was told the West had said Nato would not expand to Russia. If this was the case then we have lied as Nato has expanded dramatically around Russian territories. The perceived danger to Russia of Ukraine joining the EU and Nato could have been used by Hawks in Russia. Vladimir Putin grew up when the Soviet Union was the Soviet Union. That was the Empire. Perhaps he wants to recreate it?


You can listen to my response to the invasion of Ukraine. It was written in March as hundreds of tanks entered Ukraine and I saw no way they could be stopped. I was wrong. Tanks didn't go off roads, knock out front of line and end of line and trap them the strategy. Then shoot them like ducks in a row at a fun fare.


You can hear it on our developing media page here


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