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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Yet another trial website design. Yet another twist in the Wordpress v WIX battle for supremacy as my host, that has gone on for years. Yet another search, with perhaps managed expectations of what will serve the work I do, in the best way?

I have invested months in developing my Wordpress site, researching and finding a theme Aztec, creating the base for a Disney type offering, learning Elementor. And now my Hostpapa site is spiking and I need to pay more to deal with that... But I don't know what that is.


And I am inspired to be creating, writing and communicating from a different perspective here. I am reminded that I have worked for major Media Companies in the UK and the US. This is a part of my identity, my learning and what informs my vision of what is possible.

And the picture above of the red dog is one Christiane took in Madeira. It is playful, unique to us and as I index our image bank I see the possibility to use these assets I always envisaged - because it is easy for me to put them in here! I get into the flow of communicating rather than formatting the size of the image. I'm doing that through Omnigraffle. Somehow though being able to just pop them in gives an ease to moving forward.

I am playing. I am writing easily into this section and formatting, spell checking on the fly. Elementor seems much more clunky (and maybe that's how I am using it), so many more buttons to use, click on, re-adjust. Here I have freedom to write, drop in pictures, WYSIWYG headings. Fun.


WIX is limited. The issue of it not linking in Printify payments automatically is a massive frustration I am concerned with - blanket - just set the postage to be this and it will be fine - statements from the smiling host on Printify having you create different stores for each territory is a pain. And - naive - postage is a huge variable in delivering products. it needs to be accurate and it needs to be automated. Arghhh...

So what about Shopify? Beware the plug in costs mount up and no micro payments for tracks possible. Hmmm the never ending conundrum of nothing is perfect. WHY NOT?... Get it together guys.


From using this template I see a delineation of project areas. It allows me to start to write into different areas and to separate how the characters behave in each one. This was my vision but HOW was not clear. How do I communicate with you about that so you are not confused? Now I see it - in PROJECT BOXES. Hmmm...

So it's a choice to make. And as I test out writing I like to be able to set up a blog simply, write in and format it to look great - easily, super fast. How much more will I communicate if I can do that unfettered. Maybe that is worth the price of limited pages (100) and limited provisions?

Another step...




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