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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I created this WIX based site end of August. It has enabled me to be freer in getting things done. There is something about having things in existence that is positive, rather than in the computer filing system, for me.

To see what has been produced, in way of blogs and rough recordings is a breakthrough. The proof of the pudding comes in how this develops now, or do I go back and hide away?

The Crystal Champagne shown was bought for me by a man called Phillip Schofield. He was the Presenter of a new series called Dancing On Ice. At the end of a series of shows or tour it is customary for the actors/talent to exchange gifts. As it is for a good luck at the start of the show. I did not know this. So I got the champagne - thank you, lovely, and he never got anything from me. I owe you Phillip!


Right now there is absolutely zero promotion of this site. It is off grid in plain sight. So I'm not yet open to share. My being able to simply create, and not worry what people may think or listening to that voice that whispers, Are You Sure? - is freedom.


1) Having a way of creating imagery and a systemised process of making artwork is briliant.

iPad or iPhone - Airdrop to

Photos - black and white and cropped exported

Omnigraffle - import, layer, export for web, adjust size

Upload - Wix

On Blog or site

I just did the pictures of these bottles and pen. Had to clean the table because any blemish or dust shows up!

2) A focus on facing FEAR, as an enquiry, seems to empower the facing of my FEAR - doh! Though I'm stressed and stomach tight up against it for most of the week. Battle ongoing. It would be great to be able to relax...

3) This is not perfect. And the songs need to have a flight path to Apple Music et al - which I know how to do but is still daunting and I'm trying to find THE PERFECT PATH! And once I've learnt the path I can simply play into that.

4) I just set up an email and subscription system in an evening. It's been taking years to sort this. It's not perfect, limited in scope, not as great as I would like - but it's ready.

5) Having a development site and a posh site means I don't care if the posh site falls over. And I doesn't have to work on the back end of this site, yet.

I love black and white photography, so I'm embracing it at the moment. I love the textures it creates and the cohesion across the site of imagery.


This site is word heavy. Some long Blogs but - hey - maybe that's OK. Who cares? Someone might, or not. I read long blogs when I am interested so why censor because of what I think is needed?

Why censor because of what i think might be needed, or some guru advises is the best way? The New York Times does long in depth articles. These are not that.


I'd like to get to videos and take the words into those and audio to make them easier to digest. But maybe I need to focus on producing the music?


Goodness Slater, you are creating and able to not worry about the tech. The site enables production. Maybe I should junk the other one. It cost three hours today. Not just yet.


My enquiry into voting, I am a new citizen here and voting is next week, into what we stand for and into addressing the fact I will be asking for support. As a prospective politician does is starting something...

Thank you Lord....

Friday evening 5:00pm... Some music?


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