Caught in a loop of WHY... How to break that cycle?

Another day in Politics. The Prime Minister of Great Britain has resigned after a long campaign to be elected leader, the Conservative Membership voted her in over a majority of MPs. Forty five days started with ten days of mourning for the Queen and finished with markets in turmoil, Chancellors being beheaded when we thought they were safe and seven days to now appoint a new leader. Oh yes and this was preceded by two years of the former Prime Minister refusing to resign after he had been partying when ordering the Country to be locked down. You couldn't have written it.

And who am I to cast stones. Easy to be the commentator...


If you sat down on the seat in our upstairs bathroom you would see a small framed article with stickers on it before you.

The stickers are from my son's sports day when he was eight. I was in a race with him against the other fathers and their children. My, you could suddenly feel this competitive spirit as everyone got ready. We ran, jumped over obstacles and I had to crawl under a parachute at one point. We won... More than winning we had joined in, no - to be specific I had joined in.


These writings may form the basis of something useful or not. They are as memoirs, a diary. They may be useless. But somehow having a place to process is comforting. Why is that?

I think, for me, part of having a place to capture the journey feels productive, positive and 'seeing it written' shows me I am wasting my time in iteration. And it's about my Mastery of Avoidance.

And it does eat a lot of time.