Updated: Oct 20

As I explore overcoming fear my perspective evaluation on my journey - as Artist me - shifts.

Three creations I care for in this picture.

I am seeing different views and - I suppose it's processing caused by my selective perception and present focus? I am now becoming more tuned in to how artists develop their work and how their work develops them. I am starting to embrace that I am an artist. I create. And sometimes that can make the accountants of the world, and indeed almost everyone around them, unsettled.


Beethoven's fifth to eighth symphonies, written as his hearing was leaving him, in a time referred to as his Heroic Period, being cases in point. Breaking free of classic structures a part of that journey, I read. And his journey to that date and his challenge in those HEROIC moments as he was loosing his hearing imbue his creations.


Van Gogh's paintings likewise inspired I imagine. I stood before one in the National gallery in London for a while. A cottage in a field probably from his time in Arles. I tried to take it in, the vivid emotion I felt as I delved into the picture was fierce. I eventually got a headache staring, such was my concentration.

I have been blessed by being able to visit art galleries in cities across the States, France, Holland, London of course and other places on my travels. I love contemporary and fine art. I love design too, it all fascinates me.

The Mona Lisa being so small in the Louvre was a revelation. The art collection in a gallery in Boston staggering. The Americans have this much French Art? Is that allowed? I got used to being surprised in The States. In Amsterdam I was traumatised as I saw a Dutch Man of War near Hampton Court on the River Thames with a chain spread across the river to stop them. Arghhh - quite a moment for this Englishman. Hadn't seen that in my study of history. Was it made up by the artist? How dare they!

Seeing how Constable put different aspects into one picture to create a more intricate whole, an eye opener. In a picture mounted on the wall of the Suffolk House in England where he grew up was like viewing photoshop before photoshop! And I love Kandinsky, vivid, strong brushwork, there is much as a style of this in Kelowna I see.

When I treat photos Christiane or I have taken, I like to push the pallete. I envisage putting words over these images in the future to create a mix of thought provoking imagery for our store.