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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I love watching buildings come into being. To see the foundations going in and the whole process is fascinating to me. Here in Kelowna there are some fabulous high rise buildings by the Lake front. The foundations were massive cylinders sunk deep and densely packed as the base.

I saw this crane at the centre of a square development site this morning in the cool autumn sunshine of a blue sky day. The crane is amazing and we, as human beings, being able to construct such a machine are also amazing. And I can take it for granted...

LID OFF THE BOX FOUNDATIONS So what am I doing here. Am I fannying around and still avoiding completing - come on...

And - I had the drive to want Strong Foundations in place before I started. To have pipes in place to pump the oil of creative products through. My rationale is that each piece of work can build on the next. To have a central point and a way for folk to get onboard with what I am creating.

How's that going for you? Well over twenty years and nothing released, so it's taking a while to find the perfect solution. And I've so much work created in the background I get overwhelmed. Oh really...

Why do I want strong foundations?

(1) Good enough is not good enough in the entertainment business. I read from the Founder of MASTERWRITER, Barry Devorzon. MASTERWRITER is brillant for me. I use it almost everyday. No, I don't get money for saying that.

And I have this sense that - you create something that is great - and it will work. if it's not great you might do OK. But I aim to create something that is more than good. It's always been my way. The danger is I die before it's ready.

(2) Synergy. Well the internet sea is huge and just releasing can make a small insignificant splash. A Release can be unseen or unheard amid the waves of Armageddon News or a celebrity having his feed stopped or my football (soccer) team playing. (Hmmm Armageddon has two ds - who knew?) And a huge effort can be made for one campaign and then... Everyone moves on. How to create ongoing synergy?


So I'm mega stressed. Battling today. And a friend I met this morning said he was looking at a fire burning behind glass in our view and that represented to him my creative fire. It's true - if I am comfortable I can coast, relax... I am not doing that right now!!! I'd like to be more comfortable please, to be in the place of team and being ready to go on the road with tickets sold before we leave... Ahh the dream. And comments are disabled so the mocker can't laugh at that. And this should be gated... Perhaps.


What came up for me from this moment is TO SERVE. Might sound ridiculous but I get so into what I'm trying to do and worrying about whether it will work or not. And the classic attack this week was, 'And this is going to support you ongoingly?' The question from the voice in my head! Swine... That one got me.

Anyway the good side of my head contributed (I must give them names). It's about serving. To give the gift of a song. To give the gift - irrespective of what comes. Just give the gift... GIVE MORE.

Big for me. And to serve the song, to let it be birthed and breathe and have life.


Free of charge. So now I wonder if I should give everything away here?

And Foundations I've built have a Patreon type gated area... How would it be if I gave everything away and people had the possibility of contributing? An Andrew Wommack model....

  • Upside - potential greater reach, someone, somewhere encouraged

  • Downside - you'll get killed by some online

  • You look wimpy at times


.... And I'm going to play Knife Edge with Virginia plugged into the Distressors now. As you do on a Wednesday...


Have a great day.


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