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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I started this website as a development area for LID OFF THE BOX under a month ago. Designing into the framework prompts me, gives me some accountability somehow, I like the idea of documenting the journey here.

As I WRITE TO MYSELF I came to a conclusion. It is always the elephant in the room of my mind. At heart I am a Showman. I have created and been in shows. everything about Show - Business lights me up. I love Show Folk. And, before I die I am to bring THE BIG SHOW to fruition.

So what is that? And do I have the bottle to commit all I have to creating it? Or, is everything else I do an avoidance strategy. Or… has all I have been creating with its inter related strands a Show story in itself?

Importantly, do I believe THE BIG SHOW will happen?

If I don't really believe it will happen, it will not. Ahhh lie down on this couch and tell me more.

Well in the gym, as we do high knees for sixty seconds and press ups ditto repeatedly and all the other exercises. ( I wanted a picture of my kettle bells lined up - a nice design. But I have no phone - Yes, another story.) Anyway...


I see a music concert. It's me performing with a great band, super production values, dancers and fireworks! The whole nine yards. But I won't tell anyone because they will know I am crackers. They will either poo poo it, or walk away. Until it’s there it’s Pre-Production.


And the DREAMTRYB STORY embraces my dilemmas. It looks at different characters of dealing with challenges, it’s multiple personalities re-ordered.

And I can write about it - but how about I JUST GET ON AND BUILD IT?

So stop writing and start building… And the FIAH comes to call… And we are in DREAMTRYB Teritory behind the scenes, and that is TOP SECRET and confidential… Dah dah daaah…


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