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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

This site is about messy. It's about work in development and its goal is to enable me to share and - in the process - for me to grow my completion muscles. (I've been rubbish at sharing stuff).

So our DOT NET site is development and at our DOT COM site I will be able to put the finished articles...which will be awesome. DOT COM is a framework at present.

I made this today...


I am having lessons on electric guitar. Starting to look at the Blues, particularly from a Pentatonic perspective, it's brilliant.

I had a lesson this morning, I was an hour late for it so only got half an hour! Doh. I was early for when I thought it was... Anyway - it was a great lesson and I had some homework, to practise creating riffs, and doubling them and letting the playing be more of a conversation. So:

• I created a Blues drum track off EZ DRummer 3

• laid in a rhythm guitar off my Lady Jayne Gibson

• soloed with Susie Stratocaster - Susie has been reset by a Luthier, Gary and feels great

• added in a bassline from Betty Bass - my six strings bass

• edited - I did some nifty stuff on the end which wasn't an end at all

• mixed and mastered

• designed and created artwork

• wrote and rewrote this!

The Gibson is new and was completely remade by Gary. She is not the most flamboyant of ladies in looks but my, she feels great to play. I treated the Bass with CLA guitars on its audio stem. Interesting how that works at times. I'm vacillating too on what I've spent on guitars and the lack of stage presence Lady Jayne has... We shall see. Maybe I shouldn't have read 'Me' by Elton John this week! Sequins and feathers darling!?


So this is simply an off the cuff improvisation in B minor. It is imperfect, a first go and very simple. And some parts I like. I like the fullness of the overall sound.

Everything was done on one take so it's not developed and you normally never hear what I do - so this is a first!

Oh yes and you mockers that stopped me sharing fifteen years ago with your snidey messages. This is not for you so move on... I really do not care what you think.


I like The Daily Blues as a potential series.

I'm loving the density of the recordings that are starting to come.

And this is a breakthrough as I finish writing at 1:58 am. I have remade much of this site and embedded the short track on the Studio project page.

I think I'll cancel my 8:15 am gym cycling session and go in for 9:15 am...

Love N


Whether it's good or not, it's out there. And NICKSTIR is starting to say hello...


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