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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

I was prompted to make a longer version. A breakthrough to get it done and on the site. Strengthening those completion muscles... It's not perfect, and it's nearly eight minutes. But it has life.


I showed a friend The Daily Blues-01 (TDB-01). He pushed play and put the phone in his back pocket. We were by the side of the Lake his dog standing in the water not quite swimming. The dog won't quite swim, even though he's a mountain dog and super strong. or, maybe because he is a mountain dog?

Anyway my friend berated me as the improvised piece came to an end. "TOO SHORT! he bellowed, i was just getting into that enjoying the view, the sun going down, dog in the water and it's stopped. You've got to make it longer."

This improvised piece is 8mins so four times longer!


Sometimes folk get excited about what you do. It's why I haven't shared much until now! At our campsite dinner my friend insists on playing TDB-01 to his Spanish guest. The response.. "I don't like it."

I find myself explaining it's just a demo a Blues improvisation. I should learn, and am learning. You don't like it. Fine. Move on... It's not a big deal.


I improvised in one take. I love to feel how things develop. When I listen I like the playing to the delays, I love atmospherics.

Over time I thought it becomes too predictable in its rhythm from my solo. I get into a steady conversation and, after a while, it's boring, even if it changes. I did alter the arrangement somewhat and had soloed parts to add colour but still, I need to think more of this as a conversation, and a big part of that is listening. Equates, in my mind, to silence... from the soloist... And then back in. Fascinating.

Step by step


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