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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

What a day. I so wanted to be back in England from Canada where we live. As the queues for the line continued the wanting to be there crept up on me.

Yesterday I was by the lake with friends and started talking to two guys barbecuing. They were of Pakistani descent, one a research scientist one an FD of a Tech firm here.

They gave me some of their tandoori chicken to try. We had a great chat. As I left, one of them said - 'Sorry for your loss. The Queen is loved in Pakistan.' It was a very moving and honest moment seven thousand miles from England...

I have a photo of me meeting the Queen. I have to dig it out and put it here. In the meantime this will have to do.

I started writing a song and improvised it on the day the Queen died.

Christiane and I were crying as I played. I have the piano set up so I can see out to the hills and it was a beautiful and poignant day.

Several days later I had not posted the music I made, it's a beautiful piano medley. Today I worked on it and it's still not ready. But I have the shape and a base to develop. So, for Her Majesty, I will put it on my media page.

And tomorrow I will find the picture.

No one does it like us.

The weather, the precision, the staging, the history and the outpouring of love and respect touched my soul. I think we all want to see honour, service, and to follow that. And to see someone who follows God first rather than man.

I was inspired to be Serving today.

So here is the link to the unfinished and unpolished track Queen Piano (working title) that is developing.

And I hope Charles and Camilla get a few days off - he must be absolutely exhausted. What an emotional roller coaster and what a massive job to take on.





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