Updated: Oct 25

Yesterday I meet two new friends from Australia. I learnt a new expression... Wise trust.

I'm a writing a series of observations and reflections. They will create a compilation at some time in the future.

Christiane, My wife - has a great friend in Australia. She told us friends of hers are visiting Kelowna; so we invite them to come around.

Over an afternoon and evening we eat, share stories and I recorded a track for them and created the artwork. First time I've done that for someone. Intense and brilliant. I was Music Producer. Rock n Roll.

Anyway it's Monday and after a working Saturday and producing and social Sunday I'm tired! Sunday was intense concentration, fun sharing music and deep discussions. Gaining insights from another continent and different lives. It's enlightening and rich. Cannabis shops a shock to Australians where that drug is still illegal.

Both of our guests, a husband and wife team, had been teachers and School Chaplains in Australia. One still has this second role, the other leads a church. Apparently School Districts see the great positive impact School Chaplains have and the Government backed this scheme with partial financing. I think we should adopt it in Canada.


In the course of our discussions they spoke of having WISE TRUST.

I heard the expression WISE TRUST for the first time...

I have never heard this as an expression. It's simple, pithy, memorable and packs a big question. It is what? and... the opposite of Wise Trust is... Naivety? Idiocy? A recipe for disaster. Aha.

Apparently some people either trust completely, or not at all. These folk swing from trusting someone completely to not trusting them at all. From hope in their new best friend to devastation at being betrayed. Then repeat the cycle.

Apparently The Pendulum Effect can be created through upbringing and experiences. It's a lack of a rounded character. People have not been taught how to trust to different degrees. Trust to them is absolute yes, or no.


So, I was hearing that the skating world was fixed from my earliest recollections. Judges doing deals with Coaches, gifts at Christmas of fur coats, going and skating in a Judges' pet Ice Gala project to curry favour for their vote, or not upset them because you said no, the norm. The politics of winning marks for your performance.