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Updated: Sep 20, 2022


I was searching for a photo to represent the title. We have a great image bank. Above, slightly blurry perhaps is the shoulder section of a skating outfit I wore way back. It was provided by The Emmanuels, David and Liz, a fashion design couple. Liz designed Princess Di's wedding dress and that really put her on the map.

That skating season - in a chapter of my life - had the brilliant Mike Batt compose and produce music for myself and Karen Barber ( my skating partner) for the World Championships.

The costumes were made by London Theatrical costumiers Barnum and Nathan, and cost thousands. The specially composed music recorded at Wembley Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra and Cliff Richards' backing band, and produced and mastered in a London Studio. Thousands...

It cost us nothing. Thanks again guys. So long ago yet remembered like yesterday.


These days I often watch a guy called Andrew Wommack at weekday lunch times. We support his Ministry. He gives me the Bible in straight talk. It demystifies it for me and he addresses some contradictory areas with clarity and straight forward explanations. He is super, and a fabulous broadcaster.

Right now he is incredibly controversial to some because he tells you what the Bible says. The word of God. And some of that is not as inclusive as some people would like it to be. The Bible will probably be banned in the North American continent soon as a book - legally. Hey ho - nothing new in people of faith going underground.

Hmmm - a friend says I should not get political in my work. So I have stayed quiet for years. I am now in the enquiry of do I stay quiet about what I see happening in our society, or do I stand? Many Germans stayed quiet as Hitler gained more and more power. It's been the same through history. Where do I stand? When do I stand? I am learning of that in this chapter of my life.

Anyway - back to Andrew - his policy is to endorse people he likes and wants to help on his TV show.

I adopt the same principle for us.


We get no discount, we don't need to endorse folk but - you know what? - if people go ask them to help and to use their services and products that would be great.


And consider - you can't give without getting - I believe it is a universal law. I was told it a long time ago as a bolshy teenager who thought everyone was on the take. (Another story another time.)

On our journey I intend to embrace this as a natural principle. You don't have to give back, you don't have to do anything and if you give us great service and you are notable on our journey we will promote you. It kind of makes the world go around... Discuss.



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