Updated: Oct 20


At my desk. 5:50AM 29 SEP 2022 - I dreamt about a place in London I'd bought that I had not seen for a while. It was damp and cold and needed much work. It's unclear exactly where it was? I was wandering around London at night trying to find it - it was fiercely intense... Woke. What was that about? I don't own anywhere in London.

Feels like a wake up call. If I don't get stuff done I will be under intense pressure financially. Have to do it now. Where did that come from?

Coffee - quick look at BBC News - Iran cracking down on riots, people being killed, gas pipelines leaking due to sabotage, hurricanes and floods, Russia annexing other territories. Bank of England promising to prop up UK currency (another chance for Soros?) The world is unstable. It is always unstable but seems more so recently. But maybe it's just me?

So I process. This is what I do, almost every day. This is the first time I've dared to share and had an easy way so to do.


And our house is not under water. We are not being shot at. Everything is good. I know. So why do I feel like I am in a war zone? So many people are in an actual war zone! Or maybe - for some of us - the war zone - when there isn't an actual physical threat - is in the mind? Come lie on my couch and tell me more... And stop being so introspective.

But that's what I do. And I'm thinking ABOUT TIME.

You can't take it with you. You never know the moment and You Can't Take It With You When You're Dead....

This is what happens to me. And idea or phrase sparks a lyric. Over to NICKSTIR to write it and create imagery with music coming later.

So this is what I do - daily - I create. I use the thoughts and prompts of life to make something.

I process my thoughts, impressions, daily to a song and/or a lyric. I then put it on file.