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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I used to get really upset when tech things didn't work, I'd try to stubbornly force them. Then I was the victim. Today I'm sanguine...

Interesting word - different meanings according to Miriam Webster.


: marked by eager hopefulness : confidently optimistic


… the radiant heat from the cedar logs, whose sanguine colour made the silvered locks of his hair into a fantastic wreath of flames.


… attacked by the sanguine … warriors of neighboring islands …


My computer went S L O W... today. So I thought I would upgrade my Mac software. I love Apple! Just so you know. Now I've had some experiences, I'm sure many of us have. The unexpected consequences of myriads of software and plug ins then refusing to work when you push the upgrade button. The computer completely failing and a trip to the software doctors.

A new one today though.

An external drive wasn't recognised. 'Damaged can't be opened.' What's amazing to me is that I'm calm.


So I need the drive to work because it has music plug ins on it and they are linked to my tracks in my music production software. Right now, I can't record or play back music that references them. Which is a pain. OK...


So I'm transferring content on the damaged drive to another disk. Thank goodness I can see it. I'll re-format the corrupt drive and then transfer back to the original. That's the plan...

I'll name the original exactly the same. I'm hoping the recording software will see it. Otherwise it will have to be re-linked.


Well this is hardly a good use of my time. And Apple don't do this to hurt me, make me feel stupid or deliberately give me a bad day. Something's happened. I just need to sort it out. I am being a Solutions Guy. Without getting cross.

Which is a million miles from what I used to be.

So that's being grown up right? Not being the victim. Not being the only one this has happened to, or going into a black hole of despair. It's lost time and needs to be done. I could have held off updating, I had done a while. But we take the plunge at some point. And no matter how much I know I have to have everything completely backed up, there is a risk.

And millions of us Self Employed are doing this as part of our work. Well done us. And the Software update will bring enhancements, and some plug ins may fall over, and for me that's life some days.


So I'll claim this as a win. To STAY FLAT, deal with the issue, and get it done. No doubt I'll have other areas to sort out as well. To know that, not get upset, and just be OK. Sort it, move on - is brilliant from what I used to be. Sanguine

So for all of you Self Employed and Techies out there doing that today - WELL DONE US.

OK off to cycle like a crazy person after jumping around like a crazy person in the gym this morning. This is gonna hurt...


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