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Updated: Nov 18, 2022


No time for fear

No time to think

Man's running at me with a gun in this trench

Stopping to aim

Forget the stink

Throw myself to mud and slime

Pull dagger from its sheaf

I'm on him in an instant

Neck blood spurting on my cheek

Lie back exhausted

Haven't slept a wink

Shells overhead all week long

Earthquakes 'neath my feet

Another helmet approaching

Bayonet on his gun

He screams and runs towards me

No bullets left no place to run

Axe pulled from my belt

Swung hard hits bayonet

I pull hard swing it round

His head flies off

Bounces onto my chest

As someone calls my name

A whistle...

Signalling their retreat

Another round of dog tags

Another friend a line

On admin sheet

Around seventeen million died

During my World War One

Then armistice so fierce

Caused a welcoming to Hitler's drum

World War Two took over

Fifty million lives

As so many made and lost money

Arms and power deals either side

Annual Poppy remembers

Men who stood against false rules

And you don't teach history

How to stand against warlords

Businessmen and fools

So through ignorance

History repeats itself

As propanganda flows

Arms dealer want money

Men want glory - power

Politicians want votes

So I say a prayer here from my trench

As a bayonet pierces my heart

Read history

Remember me

Don't let

World War Three...


Do the maths do the calculations

Think of sons who will go to die

Will it be one hundred million

Men and women like me

Teenagers giving their lives

For people who sit back well fed

In their Empire building rooms

Seeking money glory or

A freedom story their view of right and wrong

As they stop their population

Objecting to what they know is wrong

Or promulgate state opinion

Through a new rainbow song

So I am now long gone

With my story sad and stark

Remembrance Day to remind you

Of freedoms won and

To take heart

To stir you to light fires

For decent honest true

To fight for what you believe in

For what blood has won for you

So do you dare for your homeland

Stand strong to leave your mark

Before another Western Front surprises you

Leaving teenagers like me...

A long time in the dark

Image, Brand, Text © 2022 - NICKSTIR (Nicholas Mark Slater)

Remembrance Day - 11 Nov 2022



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