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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A mix of stories blend on a snowy Canadian morning.


Snow's blowing outside

Logs burning in the grate

Moving on this morning

Longer you stay

Harder to leave debate


I've spent my life pondering

Which way to go

Canadian Rockies my road to somewhere

Running from what

God knows

I'm on a witness relocation programme

In this foreign land

Trying to forget my past

Playing John Wayne in Shane

As a one man Band

Maidens have reached out to me

Good men shared whiskey and food

I've spent my life waiting for a saviour

As I once again sit, think...

And write things through


And this will be my last day

My horse now lying on my chest

Snow covered hole on mountain peak trail

Not her fault in this blizzard

With pines so dense

We were close to the summit

So this is where I'll plant my cross

I'm running my someday oneday movie

As warmth takes me home

To my place called lost

Movie runs I've been writing stories

and songs in my black books

I've been seeing myself on stage

Like a free man

A Springstein with a Billy Joel hook

But truth is I was a dreamer

Lacking courage to share

So no one conned me took it all from me

And I was never quite good enough

To put it out there

Upshot is

Another life without a gravestone

Unknown soldier epitaph

A legacy of looking back tears

And making some folks laugh

And maybe that was the reason

For my season on planet earth

Now my horse Bess and I

Will soon be compost in this dirt


Flying in a white room

Heaven like a movie scene

Blurred figures moving around

Am I

Living the dream

Wonder if I'll meet Jesus

Wonder what he'll say

Maybe he'll tell me

What would have happened

If I'd listened and followed his way

I did give my life to him

But too often strayed

How would it be if I could simply


Do it all again

Muffled voices


He's coming round

Bright lights interrogators


This is not the heaven

I had in mind

Is this really what it's like

To die


Snow's blowing outside

Logs burning in the grate

Writing this morning about

Longer you stay harder

To leave debate

I still spend my life pondering

Which way to go


E equals M C squared

Quid Pro Quo

No Show

So nothing's really changed

'Cept new wife new son

New dog new town

Great escape recovery

Took a while

Tough to come off opium

It holds you high it holds you down

I still make and file new songs

Epitome of the hare

Considering how to be a hard shelled tortoise

To get my stuff out there


Bills soar to the moon

Praying for courage

To not be held by

What I shouldn't do

Maybe see the man

Who's paid to listen to my woes

Maybe find the answer to

How to let it go

And hey...

Thank you for your company

With my dog by my feet

Yes I'm a writer and a dreamer

And somehow in these words

I find peace

So be encouraged on your journey

It ain't over till fat lady sings

Oh - maybe I can't write that

According to those who new rules bring

But you know what...

Be encouraged in your battle

To find freedom from your fears

I guess this is my prayer for you

While I'm still here

Or when I'm sitting with Jesus

In heaven with my wings on

Sharing a beer

(I know it should be wine

But at the end of the rhyme

I think we can laugh a little

Love a lot and smile

Then go run another mile)

So I'm outta here

That's all folks

iPad tells me

It is running out of juice

We can do this

I'm off to play my new guitar

I tell ya with the Rock Drums playing

and turned up loud

It sounds like Bruce



© 2022 - NICKSTIR (Nicholas Mark Slater)


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