After a Battle in France in February I was licking my wounds in Paris. So I went to the Hotel Invalides. The displays of weapons of war, stories of war and having felt like I was in a war had congruence somehow. I had been in another war in the last few years and being an immigrant to Canada leaving all work behind and security has been... A prompt for songwriting.

Now I think I need to simply recognise that, for me, what I do is a battle. A battle for the mind. And maybe in this space my faith is being grown.


Julius Caesar was coming back towards Rome. He knew by law that he was not allowed to cross the Rubicon River with his army.

He was cross. His Governorship of a Province had ended and The Senate ordered him to disband his army and come to Rome. Crossing the Rubicon is linked to a point of no return. It is reported he said back then as he led his army across the river. The Die Is Cast.

So he broke that rule around 10th January 49 BC and came in with his army and took control.

Gently and quietly today I cross my Rubicon and prepare for the battle to come. The Rubicon of moving from writing about what I was planning to do and why, to - completing work and sharing it...

And to recognise, and let go of a part of my character that doesn't contribute, my Little Nicky, Let it go. It might sound silly, but it's big stuff for me.


It’s October 2022. For over twenty years I have been developing, what I like to think of, as a Treasure Trove of material. I am a storyteller.

At our dinner table I can have you laugh. Christiane has been beside me for fifteen of these years. She has a story to tell. My son is 14, he is increasingly frustrated by his father's failure to release anything of the work he daily creates.

I’ve created a world within a world at LID OFF THE BOX that is part theatre, part music and part breakthrough pyschology. It is all mixed into an epic battle of good versus evil. A battle that mirrors challenges we face over the centuries in our society of the day. It’s grounded in the battle for the mind. It centres on my quest to find freedom and live in hope. Because it is good versus evil, it incorporates, by necessity for me, faith.

I’ve been in the loop of how to present all of this for many years, creating more snippets of code for the story as I go.

This avoidance strategy, a dream never tested never dies, has been singularly effective.