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How to organise the different storylines running here? Separate Nicky Slater from his alter ego NICKSTIR?

OK - this WIX site is enabling me to create freely. Which is brilliant. A couple of trial flip books put up today. These have low user ratings, are a bit clunky and charge a monthly fee for the rest of your life and yet - they are flip books - which I love. So a ten day trial.


How to separate the Nicky Slater Presents side of all this from NICKSTIR, DREAMTRYB et al?

Do I create a totally separate website for Nicky Slater? Or do I embed all his/my musings and work here? The latter would be best I'm thinking. Synergy of search. Website strategies for companies with multiple brands vary. I need simplest management now.

There are severe limitations here. For example, I have a number of website names and I cannot - I don't think - point them to a specific page here, as I can in Wordpress. So everybody will arrive on the front page. Also I don't think I can't make sub-domains. Not ideally what I want.

I did try making sites for all my brands at one point - there are 37, it's like Heinz was - minus 20. Too much work.


It's been so long trying to sort the pipes to deliver the oil of products I have waiting that I'm just going to hodge it, podge it, do the best I can with this and get stuff done.

I'll rebrand all the blogs that are simply Nicky Slater Presents and anytime my inner NICKSTIR turns up to write and play that will be a reference from NSP to NICKSTIR. They will be separate.

Indeed they are separate. NICKSTIR confidently just creates, never worrying about a lack of ability or striving. He just lets ideas flow. Nicky Slater Presents is thinking, and fannying around sometimes. Comedy comes there and insights too.

The balance is in presenting the separate areas.

We'll see how that works. Now to rebrand pictures and edit blogs...


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