If you read what is written below you will see I reach a conclusion on the British Government's actions on removing higher rate tax brackets.

I am in the process of exploring where I stand as a Citizen after just becoming a Canadian. Do I stay quiet or contribute? Do I have the courage to stand against the push back that comes when one stands?

As I conclude I realise that 'seeking to listen' and 'understand the other' is important. I seek rationale, quiet, reasoned debate to reach understanding. Or more robust exchanges that show passion but do not try to kill the other person.

I have not sought detailed explanations by the Chancellor of The Exchequer of Great Britain as to why he has taken these actions and on what basis he places his judgement. I have simply reacted to actions taken and a review of media reporting from different sectors. I have though sought understanding from a Trusted Advisor. One whose experience of this field I respect.

What follows is my reflection on his book that inspired this trust and the British Government actions on cutting taxes for the rich.


I read a fantastic book by Lord Kenneth Clarke of Nottingham, a British Politician who was 49 years as a Member of Parliament. It's called 'A Kind of Blue.' If you haven't , I would encourage you to read it. It is brilliantly inciteful, funny and an education into how our Government can and does work. The personalities and character of individulas, and how this affects actions, an eye opener.

After this I read a novel by Jeffrey Archer 'Heads you Win, Tails You Win.' A political thriller that leads us to Putin's era. The two together were enlightening. Jeffrey Archer's life reads like one of his characters and he, to me, writes gripping stories. The ending was 'involved' and 'difficult' to process but a twist in the tale not expected is what a master story teller gives us.


My character seeks deadlines and Trusted Advisors, after reading Ken Clarke's book; on Politics, he is a TA to me.

What struck me forcibly from Ken's Memoirs were:

(1) he has an amazing ability to not let mud stick.