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If you read what is written below you will see I reach a conclusion on the British Government's actions on removing higher rate tax brackets.

I am in the process of exploring where I stand as a Citizen after just becoming a Canadian. Do I stay quiet or contribute? Do I have the courage to stand against the push back that comes when one stands?

As I conclude I realise that 'seeking to listen' and 'understand the other' is important. I seek rationale, quiet, reasoned debate to reach understanding. Or more robust exchanges that show passion but do not try to kill the other person.

I have not sought detailed explanations by the Chancellor of The Exchequer of Great Britain as to why he has taken these actions and on what basis he places his judgement. I have simply reacted to actions taken and a review of media reporting from different sectors. I have though sought understanding from a Trusted Advisor. One whose experience of this field I respect.

What follows is my reflection on his book that inspired this trust and the British Government actions on cutting taxes for the rich.


I read a fantastic book by Lord Kenneth Clarke of Nottingham, a British Politician who was 49 years as a Member of Parliament. It's called 'A Kind of Blue.' If you haven't , I would encourage you to read it. It is brilliantly inciteful, funny and an education into how our Government can and does work. The personalities and character of individulas, and how this affects actions, an eye opener.

After this I read a novel by Jeffrey Archer 'Heads you Win, Tails You Win.' A political thriller that leads us to Putin's era. The two together were enlightening. Jeffrey Archer's life reads like one of his characters and he, to me, writes gripping stories. The ending was 'involved' and 'difficult' to process but a twist in the tale not expected is what a master story teller gives us.


My character seeks deadlines and Trusted Advisors, after reading Ken Clarke's book; on Politics, he is a TA to me.

What struck me forcibly from Ken's Memoirs were:

(1) he has an amazing ability to not let mud stick.

Ken Clarke enjoys stirring up debate. As he said

"If people aren't reacting I don't think I'm doing my job."

He was probably the most hated man in England at one time as he stood, in Margaret Thatcher's Government, against Unions who held the country to ransom, such had their power become.

(2) he has fine intellectual ability.

He went to Grammar School and then Cambridge and became a Barrister and Politician. You had to work to pay the bills back then as the MP's salary was not enough to keep your family.

I failed the 'eleven plus' twice to get into Grammar School. First time we crashed on the way to the exam and I was a bit kerfuffled and second time I looked to my right and saw the person next to me on page five and I was on page two so I panicked. It was a long time ago and I remember it well. Mensa had me as a Member so I do have some brain but for some reason the eleven plus didn't work for me. I did get some academic qualifications but I think the character building aspects of Grammar and University would have helped me.

North Cestrian Grammar School was a paid school founded by a guy called Walter Hamblin. He thought the Grammar School Entrance Examinations might miss some boys who had talent but messed up the exam or it didn't suit them. Me! So I grew up with those misfits. Some good friendships and memories. And I did get to second in the Country at Hand Writing whilst there. Who was first? And I liked coming second (another story). Oh yes and 13 'O' Levels (13?) - I have always liked that number and some 'A' Levels. Anyway back to Ken...

(3) he is a man of integrity.

Now this was an eye opener to me for a Politician. He said that the thing that Margaret Thatcher focused on and he did too was, 'WHAT WAS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY?' Not, what was popular. So ignore the pain, the shouting of pain, the opposition to moving something to be better for the Country. Do not be short term. This amazed me. This information inspired me to think that people actually stood on principles and were working FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY...

Politicians working FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY - not for themselves - or today's media feed.

I was gob smacked that some Politicians saw that as their job. And people whose jobs were threatened, who had feathered their beds took out full page adverts in the National Newspapers and shouted accusations that were not true to try to stop them. And they carried on... FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. Wow. That can happen? How knocked down by cynicism I have become. Mind you my background had me programmed to think 'everyone was on the take' why should politicians be any different. Ken Clarke was a revelation.

Ken stood for Prime Minsister three times. He has, I believe, held every Senior Ministerial Post in the Government. He said he was seen as too 'Pro Europe' for the General Membership at that time. His advisers told him to do an Anti Europe speech so he could get voted in. (There you go). The other day he repeated to the BBC. "Why would I say things I don't believe in just to get elected." Hallelujah - he would have made a brilliant Prime Minister.


So I get the BBC International News Feed. Its front page is gloom, doom, shock, horror, Armageddon to come this afternoon - and a bit of Sport.

And for the first time I thought I'd like Ken's view. I trust the man's judgement, he has been a very successful Chancellor of the Exchequer before. It's on record, you can see his stats. He set his parameters and principles and operated to those. How would he react to the British Government suddenly cutting tax for the rich and taking on more debt to pay for this?


My synopsis of his words...

No Government Minister he has ever known would have done what the present Government has done. Recession is upon us, inflation is high and IT IS THE POORER who need support.

So to give the rich more money, in the hope they will spend more, when there are supply issues - that means more demand puts up prices - doesn't work.


Ken's positioning was Socially Conservative. He has a Social Conscience for what Government should provide - National Health Service, etc. But a strong belief in the country being business like in its operation and us all working to make our way. (As I understand it - hope I have that right Ken).

And he spoke of the Government acting akin to a Latin Republic. I imagine that means:

  • promising the earth to the electorate to buy votes

  • giving them everything promised (funded by Governement debt)

  • having a party for a couple of years

  • finding the bills need to be paid

  • the country then being bankrupt

Perhaps this is not what British Citizens want to see?


On the basis of what I know thus far - 28 Sept 2022

The Conservative Government is acting incompetently.

My view was endorsed by Ken's. Hard times are upon us. There is no more easy money. Social upheaval as well as financial upheaval and ratcheting global tensions with front line war before us is not pleasant to see. And the Government is responsible for getting us through it.

The Conservative Government is taking a punt, with billions of pounds of debt, on what might be. No evidence of this ever having worked in the past exists. It is not prudent in any way.

Importantly this action is not addressing the people who need help the most. It is enriching the people who need help the least. Disconnect? Self interest? Ineptitude?

As such - the Conservative Government's actions in this area of finance clearly demonstrates it is not fit to govern. It's not the colour of the flag they carry, it is the competence to carry it that is lacking. They are demonstrating incompetence.

The Government should govern for the people.

Those with a lot can cope with the price of fuel and bread rocketing. Those who were hard pressed to get by cannot. To not prioritise the latter is - in my humble opinion - is at best, ignorant and appears, in the manner of acting, callous.

Stop it, rescind it, take a breath. You are being numpties. Admit it, U Turn and don't send that money like that!


George Soros knew when the UK Government was trying to stay in the Exchange Rate Mechanism and was Acting Stupid. He made bazillions as a result of this position. The country lost an absolute fortune.

So the world's markets, the IMF and this British Canadian Citizen recoil in horror at your actions. And you cheerfully push onwards ignoring them.

You The British Government are adding another FEAR element into the mix as: we are at war, Russia may be readying Nuclear Weapons, we may face a wider war, prices have sky rocketed and you have managed to decimate the value of the Pound to 1.03 to the dollar by actions that are reckless!

What caused this? You decided to give free money to rich people...

Go figure.


We would like to vote for you to lead us with integrity, to have principles and to demonstrate competence.

Last week I spoke an Oath of Allegiance to The King of Canada and this great Canadian Nation. I speak with Canadians about this and they tell me how they feel a disconnect between the words I spoke and the reality of the present.


This is a part of my enquiry at LID OFF THE BOX. For most of my life I have stayed quiet, except when speaking on TV to millions or ten thousand in a stadium. Somehow that can be easier. Because I can see you, I know you're there.

So what's the fear? One definition of FEAR = being afraid of what might happen?

I have family who benefit from the Government actions, for me to speak might land badly with them. They might be upset with me. So do I not speak?

My never ending enquiry.

Who am I / who are we - in life? Do I dare to stand? What do I stand for if I dare? Am I ready for the attacks to come from doing this?

What do I stand for? Integrity, honour, hard work, contribution, being under God (so that I am not God!) would be for starters...


Enough - back to music...

If you've reached here - my...

All is not lost - have a great day


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