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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Ha ha I'm enjoying this blog.

This Convenience Store is on the main drag in Hove, Sussex. England. I used to live in Brighton. It made me smile to re-discover this picture again.

For twenty years I have been blog less. My former blog disappeared in the push of a button after some friend's web company said it would cost a lot to fix a glitch on my hosting platform of the time. I lost a lot of historical stuff and - on the bright side, starting again is somehow refreshing.


They say do one day and let people know, release at a certain time of day, automate the publishing. Yeah that sounds great and I have to program all that and right now I'm just going to play with writing and learn how this works as a creative outlet...

So you may see a load of releases in a small time frame and then nothing for another twenty years. We shall see.



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