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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Sometimes you just have to step.

I'm now based in Canada, hence CAD - Canadian dollars are weird. They are 1.3 or less to the US dollar. So you can feel like (1) everything is very expensive and (2) you have more than you think you have.


And I have stepped today into a WIX World. Since Sunday I have been working from a WIX Template for a Production House. A video/film Production House. It reminded me of work I have done and of what I seek to do. It also released the possibility of dialogue with you on this journey as a PIVOT in my approach.

I was waiting for it all to be perfect - and as a perfectionist, that can take quite a while - before launching. I was waiting for the confidence to do it, I was avoiding the mockers who closed me down fifteen years ago.


I've been experiencing angst about Wordpress or Wix? For hundreds of years.

Today I drove to Summerland from Kelowna... Another post to come on the 'why' for this. On the journey I envisaged a .net lidoffthebox as a Patreon type feeder to my .com lidoffthebox site. I mused on this. Christiane said - "So this is our Patreon site?" She is correct. Patreon is a great service and I have sought to create the same without anyone who supports what I do paying the middle man. I think we have it.


I have done a huge amount of research and installation work on my site to create a Disney + type potential with a merchandising and coaching section in there. Did I just throw it away? Nothing is wasted is a mantra I like to try on...


I had site go crazy with its header looking out of shape. Stressfull, eats time. Can't see what's wrong. Not a coder. Finally a person at HOSTPAPA where my .com site is placed said - 'you have mixed media in your header and footer, I removed it'. IT NOW WORKS!!!! Hallelujah. Thank you. Hours of angst sorted in an instant.


I tend to see a possibility when I step... Until I buy the suit I don't know if I'll really like it. I bought a seat back foam insert for my studio chair at the weekend (my IKEA gaming chair is not quite right) I had to try the foam for a few days re: posture. It doesn't work. It will go back, clean, well packaged and good as new. Until it's in situe though I can't feel it...

And here we are at - hmmm is this the Patreon feeder, the work that creates the .com that stands alone? Who knows.. We shall see.



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